Electric Hellfire
release: Electric Hellfire
release year: 2011
label: Violent Journey Records
1. Electric Hellfire
2. Burn for the Eternity
3. Into the Night
4. Overture of Destruction
5. Parade
6. Farewell Dear Nothing
7. Oasis of Desperation
8. For All Those Who Dig My Grave
9. Warriorsoul
10. Heart of Darkness
total playing time: 54:35
Promo 2008
release: Promo 2008
release year: unreleased
1. Farewell Dear Nothing
2. Warriorsoul
3. Into the Night
4. Parade
total playing time: 21:38
Northstorm Arrives
release: Northstorm Arrives
release year: 2000
label: Solistitium
1. NorthStorm Arrives
2. An Eclipse Over The Mountains
3. Eyes of Crystal
4. Path Leads Over The Stone Bridge
5. Ravens At The Lake
6. A Crown of Black Thorns
7. SilverThrone
8. The Embrace of Cold
9. By Thy Arrows
total playing time: 34:09
As a Wind Cries
release: As a Wind Cries - demo
release year: 1992
1. Dawn Of The Samhain (intro)
2. Dragonmyrmidon
3. Nocturnal Inner Torment (re-version)
4. Prologue Of Satan (outro)
total playing time: 9:14
speciality: The very first release under the name Thromdarr.