Brief desctiption:

Thromdarr is an old school metal band. Nowadays the band is performing epical, melodic and powerful metal music with 80's heavy metal and black/death metal nuances.

The group was originally founded already in 1989. In the very beginning, the band was called Necrobiosis and the first demo was released in 1990. During those days the band started playing black and death metal type of music and the existing name started to sound too "grindy". For that reason, the name was changed to Thromdarr. Skepticism's drummer joined the group in 1991 and a well-selling demo tape "As a wind cries" was released (1992). The demo contains one of the most cruellest song ever made ? Dragonmyrmidon. From those ancient times, the guitarist and the "new" drummer have formed the foundation of the band and they are still doing it.

"As a wind cries" was followed by several gigs (as a matter of fact, Thromdarr has played almost 50 gigs with many major metal bands) and also a set of promo recordings were performed during the following years. Finally the band ended-up with a record deal with Solistitium (1998) and the debut album "Northstorm arrives" was released in 2000.

Many singers have visited Thromdarr during band's lifetime, such as Ave (current band Buried At Last), Janne (Endstand) and Karma (Autumn Verses/Dead Beginners). In 2007 Skepticism's singer decided to join the band together with band's guitarist. In addition, a new keyboard player joined the group. The new line-up opened new and versatile possibilities for Thromdarr and the band was reborned stronger as ever. The band started to compose new material with the fortified troops and finally a promo tape (May 2008) was recorded. Soon, after recording the promo, the band visited live venues and the audience praised the band for their devotion and professionalism.

Killer album "Electric Hellfire" including 10 songs was released in 2011. The album received praised reviews.

Svart Records re-released Thromdarr's old-school and not remixed demo tapes from 1990-1997.

Currently Thromdarr is planning to play more gigs, composing new material and looking for a decent record label for a co-operation.
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